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Donate Vinyl

Donate Vinyl I love vinyl records. I collect them because it’s a hobby and there is nothing like sitting around the house and listening to records. The snap, crackle & pop makes each album come to life.

I started a fun little collecting service called “Vinyl Record Rescue”. I get a lot of people asking where to donate records or how to donate. First off, I try to get them because I use them, I listen to them…

If you are looking to donate your records please contact me to see how I can help.

Our service is getting a lot of exposure and emails inquiring about donations.  I’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions section that may answer your questions.  If not, please email and we’ll get back to you asap.


  • Where can I drop the albums off?
    • If you live in the Nashville and surrounding area just shoot us an email and  we’ll pick them up!
  • I don’t live in Nashville! What can I do?
    • Shoot us an email.
    • We also have vinyl vermin all over the US and there are times we can arrange to have them picked up.
  • Do you take all records?
    • Yes.  We accept all types of records: 45s, 78s, custom cuts, picture discs, 7/10/12″, 1800 Gramophone cuts…
    • We also take all type of rated albums/covers:  G,VG & M

Creative Commons License photo credit: fotologic